Unending Adoration


Permanent and uninterrupted adoration (adoratio – Latin for Latin worship, admiration) is a great gift to the faithful, the gift provided by the Shrine of Divine Mercy, which is open 24 hours a day.

The Blessed Sacrament is a wonderful way to experience the nearness of God, to allow your soul to be filled with the light of  God’s love, to share with Him every joyful or sad little thing. Share with Him every little thing, joyful or sorrowful. After the time dedicated for prayer one leaves the sanctuary enriched with peace, and if sad, to consult any question harbored in one’s heart, which is washed in the light of heaven during this time. Many mystics claim that it is during adoration that the strengthening of the Lord reaches even those people we pray for, those who need God’s Mercy the most.

If you are too tired to say prayers, rosary, overwhelmed with words, or just find it difficult to concentrate – just come and let Him work in your soul, immersing Himself in His Light. Point your face towards His Face and allow yourself to be changed, which gives you the power to know His Will and gently accept it.

St. Faustina recalls in her Diary (Chapter D 1404) the first experiences of holiness in childhood

Hidden Jesus, in You lies all my strength. From my most tender years, the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament has attracted me to Himself. Once, when I was seven years old, at a Vesper Service, conducted before the Lord Jesus in the monstrance, the love of God was imparted to me for the first time and filled my little heart; and the Lord gave me understanding of divine things. From that day until this, my love for the hidden God has been growing constantly to the point of closest intimacy. All the strength of my souls flows from the Blessed Sacrament. I spend all my free moments in conversation with Him. He is my Master.

The Benedictine monk Benedict describes in his priestly prayer diary In sin Jesu (2020, Catholic World Publications) the words entrusted to him by the Lord during adoration: “Remain in My presence whenever and for as long as you can. Being with Me is the great means to healing and to holiness. It is enough to remain with Me if you be like Me. Come to Me, full of expectant hope, and I will do all the rest. To adore Me is to seek My Face and to approach My Heart, full of wonder and of holy fear, and above all, full of love. Adoration is the wordless confession of My divinity. Adoration proclaims that I am all and that all else is nought.”

During adoration, the heart talks to God and miraculous and difficult-to-express verbal things happen. It’s like a window through which you look at Infinity.