St. Mass intentions

    N.B. Please do not write your intentions for the same day as you are writing your intention. And write no more than 5 first/last names (in total)

    “If I cannot show mercy in action or in word, I can always show it in prayer, because prayer reaches where I cannot reach” (from Sister Faustina’s prayer).

    We should remember more often the value of personal and communal prayer, and of the sacrifice of the Eucharist, which is open to all. The Church enables her faithful to communicate more closely with this sacrifice through their petitions and offerings. Writing down St. You can choose the date and time that suits you for your Mass intention online. This is especially great during quarantine, when restrictions mean fewer opportunities to meet family and friends.

    The most common request is for St. Mass offerings:

    • praying for God’s blessing, health and the necessary graces for the person, family (tribe) and community;
    • praying for God’s blessing, health and necessary graces for newlyweds or spouses who have reached their wedding anniversary;
    • praying for God’s blessing, health and necessary graces on the occasion of your birthday or Christening;
    • for a specific (not publicly disclosed) personal intention (mentioning only the name of the person making the request to God, without mentioning the specific request);
    • an intention of thanksgiving to God (the name of the person giving thanks does not need to be mentioned);
    • praying for Divine Mercy for the deceased (not necessarily on anniversaries).