Lenten Journey 2022

From 2 March.

Dear comrades,
welcome from 2 March journey together through Lent and prepare for the Solemnity of the Resurrection of Jesus.

This journey will involve personal preparation for each one of you, and you will receive a daily offer: the Gospel of the day, a reflection and a task that we will invite you to carry out in your relationship with God. We invite you to walk this journey with an open heart, without hiding anything from yourself and God.

Registration and more information can be found here: https://forms.gle/L2Js5AwbVNM8wQKz7

After completing the registration form, please check that your email address is correct before sending. you have not made any mistakes in your postal address (this is very important to ensure that this Lenten journey reaches you).

John Paul II said: “Lent is the proper occasion for the faithful to reflect on life” in 2001.

Fr. Povilas Narijauskas