“Fellow Travellers” – Synod meeting

Pope Francis invites the whole Church to make a synodal journey, that is, to journey together and to renew this journey. Synodality is not so much an event or a slogan, but a style and a way of being in which the Church carries out its mission in the world. The mission of the Church requires the whole people of God to journey together, each member playing his or her essential role in unity with the others.

WHAT IS A SYNOD MEETING? It is a call for people to choose, to respond together, to listen to each other, to give individual and group feedback, ideas, reactions and suggestions.

WHO CAN ATTEND THE MEETINGS? All the baptised are invited to take part in the synodal process, to share their experiences and perspectives – no one should be excluded.

First meeting 7 March 18:30 at the Community House (Universiteto 4, Vilnius) – Registration required: https://forms.gle/oURzurBM8KY4PS9cA